Founded by Danielle DeBoe Harper


Almost two decades of a visual design career later, Danielle continues to focus her creativity on the home but has expanded her focus beyond, to the wellness lifestyle as well. Through Feng Shui, fitness, design, books, beauty, travel, family and of course, the home, Danielle shares her knowledge and experiences through online webinars, in-person workshops, ebooks and her social channels.






Open Positions

  • Associate Designer - part-time and/or freelance
  • Project Manager - part-time (initially)

E-design is what we built our business on. As we expand our offerings, we are looking for a qualified e-design specialist to work in a project-based capacity. E-design is an exciting alternative to full-service design. All communication is done via email at the outset of the project and once in receipt of all information visual and otherwise, the designer works autonomously to create a custom inspired design plan, floor plan and shopping list to provide to client. The client will then have a "road map" towards facilitating the design plan themselves.

An Associate Designer may assist on full-service design projects as well.

  • This candidate can work from anywhere and does not have to be located in the Cleveland area. 
  • This candidate must work in Photoshop, InDesign and SketchUp (or AutoCAD)
  • The ideal candidate has design experience but we are open to talented design enthusiasts. 
  • This candidate should be passionate about design.

Associate Designer


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Please elaborate on any and all relevant design experience (degree isn't imperative, but list if you have).
Please use this space to give us an idea of what your career goals are. We are open to people looking to help us grow and stick around or those who aim to continue or start their own practice and make a little extra money along the way.