Our Mission Statement

We believe that design is personal and our clients' needs are as unique as they are. We design to tell their story and scale our services, inserting the client into the process to whatever degree best meets their needs. Our clients experience our specialized approach with tangible results that crystalize the value in our services, and allows us to develop trusting relationships that inspire enduring partnerships.

Our Style

Our style is deeply rooted in an eclectic approach. We tend to start with classic elements and balance them with touches of modernity resulting in a unique and always chic space. We are endlessly inspired by classic Parisian apartments with luxurious fabrics and epic molding treatments as well as heritage English country estates which pair elements from across time periods and cultures. These influences paired with my own decidedly humble upbringing result in a more down-to-earth result.

Dare we dub it  "down-to-earth drama"?! 

Founded by Danielle DeBoe Harper

Almost two decades of a visual design career later, Danielle has landed right back where it all began.

Decorating the home.

Growing up, her parents would often come home to the entire house rearranged without their knowing (or consent!). Danielle started out working for an interior designer based in Cleveland and later for Los Angeles based interior designers before embarking on a more varied visual career path. That path included: set and wardrobe design on Los Angeles-based television commercials, music videos and independent films. She later went on to work a long career in the retail buying and visual merchandising field at stores, including Anthropologie where she worked as a Visual Manager and store opening team member.

In 2007 she opened Room Service boutique and Made in the 216 Events (both sold in 2013) and in 2010 she was the co-founder of an ahead-of-it's-time 6,000 sq.ft retail space in the heart of downtown Cleveland, The Dredgers Union.

In 2013 she started DeBoe Studio to offer interior design consulting services to commercial clients. After beginning her favorite role to date (being a mom to daughter Penelope!) and buying her first home with her architect husband, she was inspired to get back to her roots and dive into residential design work again.

"It was just like...well, coming home."

- Danielle