Interior Expansion: Unify existing and two additional storefronts 


In 2014 the bar, restaurant and small batch brewery, Nano, on Ohio City's W.25th Street acquired two adjacent storefronts and looked to us to help them determine how to connect the three parcels in a way that remains consistent with the existing bar/restaurant while leveraging any advantage realized by the "fresh start" that the demo of the previous spaces provided.

All three parcels have floor to ceiling brick walls, which help to unify the spaces. It was important to us to find one or two additional consistent threads to weave throughout all three locations. 

We chose a cool blue tone that not only counterbalanced all the warmth of the brick and wood but also served to create the spaces' playful side. That is, after all, the essence of Nano brand.

We painted the existing mirror and signage framework in blue and found a great durable fabric to upholster the booths. By adding pendants we introduced a slight dose of welcomed sophistication; and to ensure it wasn't too much, we commissioned a whimsical bike handle display for one of the walls. 


We communicate visually whenever possible. In addition to moodboards, floor plans and other visual design tools we can sometimes best understand how the elements will look once together by simply seeing them next to one another.

In the case of Nano's interior expansion, we were able to quickly confirm color, lighting and fabric choices by laying them out side-by-side