A brand new, start-from-scratch, two-level, multi-zoned patio


When Nano asked us to re-envision their existing patio (inherited from a previous bar/owner when they took the adjacent space over), we knew one of the first things to consider was how the space is ultimately to be used. It's a bar. It's a restaurant. And at different times of day and different days of the week, it needs to function very differently. 

Their expansion included an adjacent building space with a second-floor deck. We needed to look at ways of connecting that level with the first floor, which was also to be completely redesigned.

We designed a space that is truly dynamic, offering a fire pit area, semi-private seating nooks, high top and low dining options, an expansive bar and an additional long counter to hang out and people watch or grab a bite! Strategically located pergolas do their best to provide an option of shaded seating, while the bar's pavilion-like overhang provides full protection should it begin to rain. We programmed every inch of the allowable space.

We selected dark charcoal pergola and pavilion with gray stained wood flooring and walls, tables, chairs barstools with a scandinavian-like natural wood banquette . (though ultimately a more natural tone was used for all their walls and furniture throughout). 



the "Before" images