Privacy Policy


You're a VIP and we value your privacy.

In order for us to serve our either our design or (and especially our) Feng Shui clients, we are often invited into their homes, either literally or virtually. We consider this to be a privilege and honor this privilege with our deep respect, non-judgement and discretion. 

We take our role as designers and Feng Shui practitioners very seriously and understand the best climate in which to serve our clients is in one of mutual trust. 

We need to understand what isn't working in order to help create a solution that will. This sometimes means letting us know that you'd like to enhance your wealth and prosperity or perhaps you're single and want to find a partner or are married and want to find a way to better connect with your partner. These are a few examples of areas of your life that Feng Shui can impact and it helps to understand what you'd most like to get from the experience of hiring a practitioner prior to or during our consultation.

Sometimes, you may just want to be sure that you're home is harmonized and don't have any specific goals in mind. Either way, we don't share your story, your home or your experience without your permission. Ever.

We also do not share our client contact information with anyone, in any circumstances. 

if you ever have any questions, or apprehensions about (particularly) Feng Shui services and how they work, do not hesitate to contact. We have more information on our Feng Shui page.