We're all about that holistic well-designed life.

Buuuuut, we're no longer offering design services! Crazy right? I mean, I thought we were a design firm? Well, we were (unless of course you've got a great hospitality industry or commercial design job you need help with...then, we'll reconsider ;-)

DeBoe Studio is evolving.

For now, this space will be used as a forum for that which we feel makes up a "MINDFUL and MODERN lifestyle".

We're all about that holistic well-designed life and to us that runs the gamut from personal wellness to thoughtful design. We look forward to sharing on these topics. In the meantime, if you're interested in joining Danielle on her fitness journey (for FREE) fill out the form below for more information!

{ We'll share any news we have on workshops, products, or any potential services here as they become available. }




Danielle is committed to fitness and hosts "accountability" and/or "challenge" groups that you can join (for free) to be a part of an encouraging community that keeps you accountable and motivated daily. Fill out the form below to let us know more about your health goals. In the meantime, visit her IG wellness account here.

UPDATE: As of June 2018, we're doing our challenge groups a little differently than we've been doing. I will no longer host "mixed workout" or straight up "accountability" groups. Having hosted many groups now, I can tell you that those types of unstructured groups simply aren't half as effective (or energetic) as the groups I host dedicated to specific programs. It's not worth my time when I've got other groups crushing daily workouts and nutrition and sharing in the community daily. I can't spread myself to thin and I'm doing this because they worked for me and I am passionate about helping others. The best way I can is through dedicated groups. NOW, once you've gone through a group dedicated to a program, I'll offer up the next programs I'll be offering and you'll have the opportunity to join that OR join an alumni group that is less structured and acts as more of a continued community for those who have successfully passed through a program and is a great accountability tool, but I won't be particularly active in these groups as I'll mostly focus my time and attention on the program-specific groups as they're also far more effective for me! These groups WORK! But they tend to work FAR more effectively when they are a group of people doing the same workouts in the same period of time. 

I'd love for you to join us! 

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Select the ONE that is MOST appealing to you to begin with. ( If you're interested in 80-Day Obsession, keep in mind that if you're not currently used to working out at least 4x per week, we'd recommend you start with an 80-Day PREP group first, but that is ultimately up to you.):
You don't have to have any experience in these programs, but please click any that you have done before.


Danielle is currently hosting a free private facebook group community dedicated toward learning all about fructose and it's effects on our bodies, what foods have hidden sugars and how to do a temporary DETOX of all sugar to reset your body and palette.


*Danielle is not a dietitian and this is not a diet. This is a loosely guided 4-week plan that will help you gain AWARENESS of the ways in which sugar impacts your life, how to identify it readily in the foods you consider purchasing and ways to replace it in your diet. 

This is FREE - you can join the private facebook group here: 

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Danielle is a Feng Shui expert and has done private assessments and workshops. We will post here of any upcoming workshops.


Feng Shui, Wellness, Meditation...Ongoing workshops will be announced here. 



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