We're re-designing the designer experience.

We have simplified the process and ultimately, the experience, without diminishing the quality of work we deliver to our clients.

Our approach to working with clients is unique. We have streamlined the process and eliminated a lot of back and forth, saving our clients money and time. Our services are geared towards clients willing to do some of the work (such as the shopping) or who have a qualified contractor to handle sourcing and project managing the material selections we make.

We still offer those more involved services, but we consider them an add-on and not an automatic baseline part of our services. This keeps our pricing in a range that allows clients with larger budgets to spend more on materials + furniture and clients with smaller budgets to simply have a designer plan a customized look for their home which meets their style and lifestyle needs. This approach also allows us to provide your custom plan to you in a relatively quick time frame. 

This is what makes us special and we want to help you see the virtue in this approach. Below we define the baseline design service we offer and the various a la carte and add-on services, which could be purchased.



Whether you are local or across the globe, we can easily put together a custom design plan for your home. 

We refer to our baseline design services as our "design trio". The "trio" deliverables include: 

  • Custom design plan mock-up. We assemble all of our recommendations for your room on a board in photoshop to help you visualize the final design outcome.
  • Custom scale floor plan created and used to define ideal scale of furniture for room and used as a placement guide for our final design plan
  • Custom shopping list of every item we recommend to complete your room, it's price, dimensions, source and hyperlink to simply "click to buy".

The pricing on the trio is custom. There is a base price - no matter how small the room - of $595 as the time for creating a mood board, scale floor plan, custom shopping list and the design time itself still require a minimum investment of our time.

Other factors which go into the pricing include:

  • How much furniture we're sourcing (some clients have a lot of furniture they're keeping and others, none)
  • How big the room is - some living rooms have two seating areas which in the effort, make it more like two rooms
  • How many design elements etc. will go into planning the room to feel complete
  • How easily we can determine the best arrangement of furniture. Some rooms it's obvious while others pose challenges. (Though to be clear, any room challenge can be overcome)
  • Other unique challenges - sky is the limit.
  • How many rooms you're committing to at once (we discount the overall price for clients signing up for multiple rooms at once).

Pricing generally ranges from $595- $1595 per room.

See examples below:


The baseline trio services will be priced as one price and include the mood board phase in the pricing. You can scale up our involvement with the following add-ons:

  • Housecalls - everything could be done via email (you send pictures and measurements) and is for all of our out of town clients.  Or, we can come over and see the space in person and take the measurements and photos ourselves. (Out of town client projects are discounted)
  • Project management -Working with tile and stone sales reps and managing the order to installation of renovation projects. Or having custom furniture made or ordered and working directly with vendors on client's behalf. Etc..
  • Installation or styling - You've taken the design plan and ordered everything. It's now at your home but you're not quite sure how to set it all up. We'd LOVE to come over and set up and style out your new room or home. 
  • Etc. etc. etc.

 $100 per hour 



Have decision fatigue? Are you overwhelmed? A designer will come over for 1-4 hours at $100 per hour. What do you need the most help with? What has you stuck? What has you overwhelmed? We'll come over and help you knock it out!

Let's brainstorm some ways you can consider using this service:

  • Color selection. This is a biggie! One of the most difficult tasks in decorating a space is often settling upon a color or collection of colors to use throughout your space. We relish the opportunity to do this for you. It is a challenge we take great pleasure in!
  • Tile/counter selection - with advanced noticed, we can bring not just paint samples but tile and counter samples to your home. {Will require an add-on fee}
  • Layout/floor-planning your room or rooms. Not sure how to orient the furniture? Danielle can help you look at the furniture throughout your home and make the most sense of it within your entire space.
  • Gallery wall installation. Are you sitting on a collection of art while you remain paralyzed by the daunting task of arranging it? We'll get it on your walls!
  • Furniture/accessory shopping. Together we'll look online, Danielle will bring her laptop and share her favorite resources and help you narrow down to the best choices.
  • Want to use our housecall service to shop outside of your home instead? We're on board! We can help advise on fabrics, wallpapers, rugs, accessories, art and furniture

$100 per hour up to 4 hours per visit {1 hour minimum}

-We charge an additional $1 per mile  for travel distances over the first 25 miles, which are free.



We are here to help as much, or as little as you'd like. Some examples of ways which we can be of assistance include (but are not limited to):

  • work one room only, such as a nursery or kids playroom 
  • mood board creation
  • color selection (wall and trim paint or general room palette)
  • floor-planning
  • fabric/material selection
  • wall art guidance from selection to gallery wall installation
  • general room "refresh" (maybe we use furniture you already own, maybe we just need a few small pieces or wall paint to update the look, we'll figure out a way to give your room just what it needs to keep you inspired!)
  • furniture selection
  • fabric selection 
  • materials selection
  • custom furniture recommendations 
  • shopping list and resource advice
  • general advising on design approach and more

A la Carte Services Starting at $100



We have two architects as part of our team with decades+ of experience. We will meet with you to determine the scope of your project and provide a custom proposal of services and schedule.

Pricing is custom


Feng shui

Owner, Danielle DeBoe Harper is a Feng Shui consultant offering both in-person and e-assessment services to those out of the area. Please see our FENG SHUI page for more information.



Update wall in Market Garden Brewpub, where we added metal tiles and a series of sconces to refresh their banquette area.

Update wall in Market Garden Brewpub, where we added metal tiles and a series of sconces to refresh their banquette area.

Construction of VW bus we commissioned to be included in design of Peace Love & Little Donuts - Hudson, OH

Construction of VW bus we commissioned to be included in design of Peace Love & Little Donuts - Hudson, OH

We started in residential design early in our career 15 years ago but quickly evolved into more commercially minded designers for most of our working career. We are thrilled to be back at it working with residential clients but we'll always aim to continue growing our commercial relationships as well. 

We've work with HOSPITALITY + OFFICE DESIGN clientele including:

  • Harness Cycle - Downtown Cleveland
  • Conway Mackenzie - Cleveland office
  • W 25 Lofts - Ohio City, Cleveland
  • Market Garden Brewery Retail + Tour Facility - Ohio City, Cleveland
  • Market Garden Brewery Brewpub - Ohio City, Cleveland
  • Nano Brew - Ohio City, Cleveland
  • Black Pig - Ohio City, Cleveland
  • Peace Love & Little Donuts - Hudson

Some of the design services we offer include (but are not limited to):

  • Complete design
  • Design refresh
  • Retail fixturing design and sourcing
  • Wall art sourcing

Commercial services starting at $100

{ OUR PRICING for these services are CUSTOMIZED per PROJECT.}

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