We're all about that holistic well-designed life.

Buuuuut, we're no longer offering design services! Crazy right? I mean, I thought we were a design firm? Well, we were.

DeBoe Studio is evolving.

For now, this space will be used as a forum for that which we feel makes up a "MINDFUL and MODERN lifestyle".

We're all about that holistic well-designed life and to us that runs the gamut from personal wellness to thoughtful design. We look forward to sharing on these topics. In the meantime, if you're interested in joining Danielle on her fitness journey (for FREE) fill out the form below for more information!

{ We'll share any news we have on workshops, products, or any potential services here as they become available. }



Danielle is committed to fitness and hosts "challenge groups" that you can join (for free) to be a part of an encouraging community that keeps you accountable and motivated daily. Fill out the form below to let us know more about your health goals. In the meantime, visit her IG wellness account here.


Feng Shui services are limited to workshops and online webinars at this time. When these are available, we'll post here, on our blog and on our instagram account. 


Feng Shui, Wellness, Meditation...Ongoing workshops will be announced here. 




Essentially, an accountability group. 

We use an app to create a community around a challenge. I host a variety of challenge groups and filling out the form below can help me to find the best fit for you, but we utilize Beachbody on Demand workouts and hold each other accountable to daily workouts (with active rest days). We discuss and share inspiration, nutrition ideas, workout "wins", progress, challenges etc. There is something very powerful about accountability for many of us. We all have plenty to distract us from our workouts. We can make an excuse out of anything, but I know that motivation is powerful and can get you up at 5am or have you work out after dinner. It can do the impossible! We are a community that has a shared goal of working out and personal goals such as weight loss or fat loss or toning and muscle definition. Anyone looking to incorporate more workouts will benefit from a challenge group. It's FREE to join, too! 

But first, give us the skinny....

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