We've re-designed the designer experience.

Currently, our services are limited.

We are only accepting ONE DAY DESIGN HOUSE CALL clients.

What does that mean?

We come to your home, and help you with whatever we can while we're right there with you. Paint selection, floor planning, shopping together (online), Rearranging, determining where art should go, are all examples of some of the popular services our one day design house call clients employ us for. 

Often, clients are simply overwhelmed and want someone to come in and hear them out. Are they on the right path? Should they have done this instead? Where to go from here? What would you do?

We can stay up to 3 hours at a time and are paid $125/hour.

We can come out more than once, help you each step along the way...whatever you need!





Fill out the form below to let us know more about your interior design project. We're currently only accepting a limited number of new clients per month. 

Currently, Feng Shui services are limited to workshops and online webinars. When these are available, we'll post here, on our blog and on our instagram account. 

Wellness related services include participating in my {FREE} Beachbody workout and wellness Challenge Groups. For more info email me or visit my fitness Instagram account. 


Feng Shui, Wellness, Meditation...Ongoing workshops will be announced here. 



Danielle DeBoe Harper is a practiced public speaker with a passion for the topic of Feng Shui in a modern world and/or as it relates to Interior Design. She is available to talk on this topic, as well as many aspects of living a wellness-minded lifestyle, interior design, entrepreneurship and more. She is available to collaborate in-person or online, anywhere!  Contact for more information.


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Pinterest will factor into our process once we're underway. If you're able to share that info now, please provide your Pinterest address. Ours is: www.Pinterest.com/danielledeboe