Below you'll find a few of our favorite projects. We've shared some mock-ups we've created as well as some photos.

{We hope to update soon with some additional client projects once finished and photographed.}

Design Mock-ups


Design mock-ups mock-ups show our selections in the context of the client's actual room and/or give the client a better sense of our vision. This is often where we can inspire clients to push themselves out of their comfort zone or validate that their own instincts are correct. 

We often see these rooms in our heads but creating these boards allows you to see it too!

private pilates studio

private pilates studio


Commercial Clients


We are proud to work with some of Cleveland's finest businesses. 

From creative and hospitality industry professionals to financial and development companies, we work directly with our clients to create a physical environment that embodies the ethos of their brand. 


We have photos of a few projects below. Including the in-progress transformation of Danielle's own little colonial as well as a few commercial projects.


Avalon House

The Avalon house, home to DeBoe Studio Founder/Creative Director, Danielle and her family, is still a work in progress. And as a designer, she wouldn't have it any other way.

We work big to small. 

Pictured here are a few rooms in varying levels of completion, most still waiting on the final tier of decor.

The idea here was to establish a strong neutral base with lots of white, black and gray and layer in pattern, texture and jewel tones, arriving at an unexpected balance of classic and playful.

{We'll update photos here as we move through this project.}

Classic Styling for a French-inspired Chef's Restaurant.


When Chef Michael Novak of Black Pig was moving his restaurant into the historic space on Ohio City's Bridge Avenue, he looked to us to guide key design decisions.

We knew right away the most impactful thing we could do would simply be to re-reveal the historic bones of the space after a 90's "update" detracted from the natural virtues of the space.

The space had red brick walls and reddish-toned wood everywhere. We painted every inch of trim work in black and updated the non-brick walls with cool-toned neutral paint colors to create more balance. Striped floor carpet tiles hid the areas without the original hardwood and custom canvas drapery provided texture and sound absorption. We added Schoolhouse Electric's lighting throughout to provide the sophisticated cool finishing touch a restaurant such as this deserved. 


photo by: Alexis M. Carek

photo by: Alexis M. Carek

photo by: Alexis M. Carek

photo by: Alexis M. Carek

Interior Expansion: Unify existing and two additional storefronts 


In 2014 the bar, restaurant and small batch brewery, Nano, on Ohio City's W.25th Street acquired two adjacent storefronts and looked to us to help them determine how to connect the three parcels in a way that remains consistent with the existing bar/restaurant while leveraging any advantage realized by the "fresh start" that the demo of the previous spaces provided.

All three parcels have floor to ceiling brick walls, which help to unify the spaces. It was important to us to find one or two additional consistent threads to weave throughout all three locations. 

We chose a cool blue tone that not only counterbalanced all the warmth of the brick and wood but also served to create the spaces' playful side. That is, after all, the essence of Nano brand.

We painted the existing mirror and signage framework in blue and found a great durable fabric to upholster the booths. By adding pendants we introduced a slight dose of welcomed sophistication; and to ensure it wasn't too much, we commissioned a whimsical bike handle display for one of the walls. 


We communicate visually whenever possible. In addition to moodboards, floor plans and other visual design tools we can sometimes best understand how the elements will look once together by simply seeing them next to one another.

In the case of Nano's interior expansion, we were able to quickly confirm color, lighting and fabric choices by laying them out side-by-side


A brand new, start-from-scratch, two-level, multi-zoned patio


When Nano asked us to re-envision their existing patio (inherited from a previous bar/owner when they took the adjacent space over), we knew one of the first things to consider was how the space is ultimately to be used. It's a bar. It's a restaurant. And at different times of day and different days of the week, it needs to function very differently. 

Their expansion included an adjacent building space with a second-floor deck. We needed to look at ways of connecting that level with the first floor, which was also to be completely redesigned.

We designed a space that is truly dynamic, offering a fire pit area, semi-private seating nooks, high top and low dining options, an expansive bar and an additional long counter to hang out and people watch or grab a bite! Strategically located pergolas do their best to provide an option of shaded seating, while the bar's pavilion-like overhang provides full protection should it begin to rain. We programmed every inch of the allowable space.

We selected dark charcoal pergola and pavilion with gray stained wood flooring and walls, tables, chairs barstools with a scandinavian-like natural wood banquette . (though ultimately a more natural tone was used for all their walls and furniture throughout). 



the "Before" images